Let’s Encrypt announces wildcard certificates

The free certificate authority Let's Encrypt has announced that in January 2018 they will be adding support for wildcard certificates.
Let’s Encrypt will begin issuing wildcard certificates in January of 2018. Wildcard certificates are a commonly requested feature and we understand that there are some use cases where they make HTTPS deployment easier. Our hope is that offering wildcards will help to accelerate the Web’s progress towards 100% HTTPS.
Let's Encrypt has helped contribute to the web going from 40% to 58% HTTPS since the service launched in December of 2015. NodeSpace has Let's Encrypt turned on by default on all shared hosting accounts and we offer free Let's Encrypt management through cPanel. We will keep our customers updated as this develops over the next few months. For more information, you can read the Let's Encrypt blog post here.

Containerize all the things!

Chances are you've heard of Docker. It's a great way to ship software in an environment that is ready to go - all dependencies, all settings, all packed in a nice container. Developers love containers, sysadmins like myself love containers, and you should love containers. So let's get something out of the way: What is a container? Well, it's like a virtual machine but instead of having it's own OS, RAM, CPU, etc., it uses the host OS, RAM, CPU, and in some cases can even share libraries with other containers. Another thing to note is that container technology isn't new. It's been around since 2000 with FreeBSD Jails. Docker is great in the sense that it can run on Linux, Windows, and Mac so that a developer can ship a container that has everything and it'll work on any host OS (typically - depends on the software being shipped in the container). It has all of the dependencies needed to run. So, what does this mean? It means that we're officially announcing our support for adding Docker into our hosting infrastructure! Yes - we're building out brand new infrastructure in which you will be able to run Docker containers. We highly recommend that you follow our social media channels as we will be providing more details including availability. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us!

How Net Neutrality Affects You

We don't like to get too political, but when it comes to the Internet, this is our business. Right now in the United States, Net Neutrality is a hot topic again now that the FCC is trying to reverse the rules again. This is one of those issues that adversely affects us, you, and your website visitors. The way it stands now, traffic on the internet is equal - doesn't matter where the traffic is from or who it is going to, it loads just the same. Here's where the issue is - if these rules are indeed reversed, our business is threatened easily. For example, Customer browses to Site A which we host. It loads slowly for them. Annoyed by this, they find Site B which is hosted by a larger competitor to us. Site B, despite being nearly identical to Site A loads nearly instantly. The owner of Site B makes the sale while Site A slowly loses money. What's the problem? Our larger competitors can easily pay off your Internet Service Provider (ISP - companies like Comcast, Spectrum, etc.) to make sure their network gets "VIP" treatment and will load fast for their customers. Since NodeSpace is a smaller company, we can't pay off your ISP for the same treatment which means in return, our sites could potentially load slower or not at all. When this happens, smaller companies like us will lose business to the larger competitors and eventually disappear. We've signed a letter, alongside over 800 other small technology businesses, to the FCC chairman because we love what we do and we love our customers. This is not right. We need your help to tell the FCC that this action is dangerous to small businesses and startups. Sign the petition. Make the call. Spread the word. We need you now more than ever. Help us Save The Internet.